Collegize has helped
countless college-bound
students prepare for,

get into, and graduate from colleges that best fit their needs.


Collegize was founded in response to the increasing dropout rate among students of color in the United States. We found that the leading cause of students not completing college is financial and students  of color are disproportionately impacted by student loans due to a lack of knowledge about financial aid, lack of access to scholarships, and a tendency to not apply to colleges that provide the most financial aid. Collegize seeks to reverse these trends by educating parents and students about the college admissions process, encourage students to attend their best-fit college, and providing the guidance that is often missing with high school counselors and administrators.

Our Founder

Jeremy Harp founded the Collegize in 2010 to help college-bound families. Jeremy attended Banneker High School from 2002-2006 where he graduated valedictorian. Jeremy was accepted to every school to which he applied and attended Yale University where he earned two bachelors of arts degrees in 2010.

After graduating from Yale University, Jeremy started a career in education, teaching on the south side of Chicago and at Banneker High School. Jeremy then attained his MBA from the University of Georgia. Jeremy's passion is bring resources, opportunities and knowledge to the community from whence he came. This drive led Jeremy to found The College Preparation Program, write his curriculum, publish The College Preparation Process, and develop Collegize the app using money from his own pocket.

Jeremy Harp - Founder